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Traffic congestion in Piazza Maggiore
Car Stunts
Image by tpholland
When we landed in Bologna airport, we were surprised to see that the marshaller’s "follow-me car" which guides arriving flights into their gates was a top-of-the-range Lambourgini which costs about £240,000 more than the kind of vehicle you’d expect most airports to use. The Germans sitting behind us got quite irate about this.

It obviously turned out to be a stunt: 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the Bologna-based luxury car maker, and it was all part of the celebrations. Automobili Lambourgini was born out of a pact between the communist regional government and a tractor magnate who was irritated by the failings of his powerful Ferraris when he drove them on the road. As long as Ferruccio Lamborghini used unionised workers, the city agreed not to tax his profits. Given that the company only ever made huge losses, it was a win-win for the red city!

XDL Stunt Show Tandem Riders Long Beach Ca DSC_6569_6689
Car Stunts
Image by Eyeshotpictures

The XDL Sportbike Freestyle Championship started as a test event in 2005. At the time we combined drifting with stunt riding to see what kind of entertainment we could create. The experiment didn’t work out so well, but we realized there was a lot of potential with the sport bikes by themselves, if we created a series. We started the XDL series in 2006 with 3 events. We went to four in 2007, and in 2008 XDL became a 6 event points series. It is a championship just like AMA Superbike now. Our big distinction is that XDL caters to the new audience of urban sport bike riders. It is the fastest growing part of the motorcycle market and one that looks like it’ll keep expanding for at least 10 years. Our competitions generally take place inside cities, as compared to traditional road racing, which takes place on a race track in the sticks. As an example, we run an event with Moto GP at Indy where we block off a street downtown. And the XDL Finals are in Long Beach, right in front of the Queen Mary. So XDL is making a new sport very easily accessible to fans.